BakeryTools Public Sale Update

BakeryTools is excited to announce another milestone after the successful close of their public sale, which has raised $496,800 across the BakeryTools and BSCstarter Community. The team is humbled and grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response from the community — now more than 16,000 strong! It is clear that the project has resonated with many, and BakeryTools is excited to move forward to listing on Pancakeswap and Bakeryswap!

The public sale started on May 1st at 18:00 UTC and ended incredibly after reaching hardcap. More than 700 TBAKE participants in the public sale and a total of 35,000,000 tokens were sold.

BakeryTools demonstrated their absolute commitment to the project and could not be more proud to support an incredible team dedicated to their vision of making the world a more open place and using blockchain to empower freedom for everyone.

We will not DM or email anyone for funds! Do not give your personal information, share your private key or send coins directly to any address for any reason. DO NOT click or deposit money into any Tweets claims to be BakeryTools or asking for payments! Please only check the official website and our social media.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates on all our Socials below:

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Twitter :@bakerytools
Telegram ANN :



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